Step It Up is a running and walking club at Hawley School. The clubs focus is for students to be physically active in the morning while also striving for individual goals and group goals. Students from second through fourth grade will have the chance to enter their daily mileage accumulators into their own personal recording log. As an entire club we will take the whole sum of mileage and plot our weekly distance on our trek to the Superbowl, which is being held in New Orleans.

Here at Hawley School, we are all about setting and reaching for goals. By having students maintain a weekly mileage log they are able to set goals for the next week and challenge themselves. At the same moment the students are apart of a larger challenge of walking or running a total of 1,497 miles to the Superbowl! This is a huge undertaking, but it is all about getting active and just as importantly, enjoying it while you do it.


Project Adventure Adventure is a way of doing; it is not something you do! Students are encouraged to work in their “Stretch Zone” to solve problems together in a supportive and caring atmosphere. We use motor skills, movement concepts, and critical thinking skills to play and solve various games and challenges.

The main objective of these games and challenges is to learn:
* positive personal and social behavior
* how to work effectively with others
* how to respect differences
* how to problem solve
* how to make decisions
* how to create a “Caring Community”

The three cornerstones of Project Adventure are “The Full Value Contract,” “Challenge by Choice,”and the “Experiential Learning Cycle.”


Flag Football was a co-ed after-school activity where students were able to create weekly teams and compete in flag football games. Thirty-five students joined me every week to begin with warm up activities such as dynamic warm ups ups and practicing throwing/catching techniques followed by games.

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