Extra-curricular Involvement

Step It Up: Running & Walking Club

Step It Up Website

Grades 2-4 | 2012-2013
An after-school running and walking program where students tracked laps around the football field. Every four laps equaled a mile, which was added to a group total. Our goal was to walk from Newtown, CT to the Super Bowl location in New Orleans, LA. The next year we focused on logging as many miles as possible. There was a phenomenal amount of participation by students, averaging 35 kids a session. Through data collected each year, we have found an increase of performance in the CT Fitness Testing element, the PACER. Although there are many factors that contribute to their success, I believe providing students with more activity not only allows for greater fitness benefits, but also encourages students to be more committed to their success. More than anything though it is another opportunity for kids to “play” and socialize within a semi-structured activity.

Flag Football

Grades 5-8 | 2011
Flag Football was a co-ed after-school activity where students were able to create weekly teams and compete in flag football games. Thirty-five students joined me every week to begin with warm up activities such as dynamic warm ups ups and practicing throwing/catching techniques followed by games.



Grades 5-8 | 2009 – 2011
Each season brought a new sporting event at several schools. In the fall we played flag football or soccer while in the winter the kids would play either hockey or basketball. Intramurals have always been a very popular after-school activity at every school that I have been involved with. I was also very fortunate to join veteran teachers whom had coordinated intramurals for numerous years.

PE Favorites


Grades 1-4 | 2012-2014
Students attend either a before- or after-school session where they get to choose PE activities that they love. Our main focus is to get kids active “outside of school” by letting them do what they do best, play.



Grades 5-8 | 2008-2012
My first year out of college I coached the Marlborough Dukes, a team of sixth, seventh and eighth graders. For some players it was their first basketball experience while several played yearly.

At Great Brook I had the chance to coach track and field. There was a steep learning curve for both the kids and myself as well. We surprised many local schools by placing in the top 3 at two events. The athletes stepped up and participated in as many events as possible in order to compete with larger schools.

Weightroom supervisor


Grades 7-12 | 2011
Since I was teaching at a junior high/high school setting I had the opportunity to supervise the weightroom. During this time I had the chance to follow one of my passions of training athletes. Three times a week students would stay after-school to participate in strength training and conditioning exercises under my supervision.



Grades 2-12 | 2009-Current
Throughout my teaching career I have officiated athletic events at local schools. I have been able to connect with many current and future students allowing me to strengthen student/teacher relationships and build rapport with incoming students. Although I am sure not all will agree with my calls, I believe they will admit that it was enjoyable having their teacher officiate their game. As it also gives me an unique opportunity to see kids playing in sports that they are devoted to and practice daily.